The Two Sides of Scout

Scout can be a kind, naive girl at times, during other times, she seems like a more developed, mature young woman. When she beat up Walter Cunningham, she instantly regretted it. Walter was a poor, innocent boy who could not pay for his lunch at school. Jem and Calpurnia scolded her very badly, Walter got to come over and eat a good meal with the Finches. Scout then tried to scold Walter for pouring his father’s maple syrup over his meal, and Calpurnia had it. She scolded her badly. Scout then went back out and apologized to Walter. Another example is when her and Jem read to Mrs. Dubose in her last days. Scout enjoyed it, and it helped Jem become a better reader. Mrs. Dubose enjoyed having kids read to ehr, and it made her last days better.


On the flip side, Scout can have her own, strong opinions. One very glaring example is when Francis calls Atticus a “nigger-lover” infront of Scout. Scout didn’t take kindly to that and cussed back. Words became physical actions, and Scout punched Francis in the face. Francis fired back, and then Uncle Jack saw them. He immediately started to lash out at Scout, and she wasn’t happy with that since she was provoked. Uncle Jack left, and then went to Atticus’ house that night. Scout gave Uncle Jack a mouthful about how he didn’t let her say what happened, at least to her. Scout proved that she could be a smart, mature girl, who could talk to adults and get out of tricky situations.

To Kill a Mockingbird Journal

I wasn’t surprised at all with the troubles that Scout had o her first day at school. Where most people aren’t that educated, a first grade girl who could read exceptionally well would shock the teacher. The teacher, in my opinion, overreacted, and shouldn’t have told the girl to stop reading at home. Miss Caroline essentially shutdown Scout’s outlet for learning outside of school, which would have given her a huge advantage in later years in school, being able to read harder books.

My earliest memory of going to school was when I was going to school at Stonegate, when I had to get a first-grade desk because I was so tall. I thought that it was incredible that I could actually fit my legs under the desk. During the same day, I learned how to spell computer. It, at the time, was mindblowingly hard to spell. My handwriting also wasn’t the best.


Jem: Scout and him love each other, but on the outside maintain a love-hate relationship. They are a good brother-sister combo. They love each other, and enjoy each other.

Dill: Doesn’t really know Scout. Dill seems to me like more of Jem’s friend, so no real interaction between the two. If they have to work together, they will.

Atticus: Loves Scout, except they don’t have a real relationship. They love each other, but there is no real connection. Atticus cares for her and Jem, He will vouch for them and help them out in tough situations.

Calpurnia: She likes Calpurnia, because she helps her with everyday things. She feeds her, gives them lemonade, etc. They like each other, but no real connection.

Boo: Scout is scared of him, since he never sees them. He begins to open up to them as the book goes on. She likes him, since he is nice, and not eccentric.

Miss Maudie: Scout loves her. She loves to talk to her since she has stories about her dad.

No Easy Day — 336 Pages

I read No Easy Day, by “Mark Owen”. The reason I have his “name” in quotes is because that’s not his real name. He was a member of SEAL Team Six. The book details his wanting to join the Navy, and his path to becoming a SEAL. He was born in Alaska, and was used to tough conditions. His parents didn’t want him to join the Armed Forces, but he did, after finishing college. He went on to become a SEAL, and participate in the raid of Osama bin Laden’s compound. He was on the helicopter that crashed into the yard. They had to overcome many obstacles, but America prevailed.

For my SSR prompt I chose endings. Once they had captured and killed OBL, the book ended somewhat quickly, and without much drama. The book could have been finished much more effectively if the author had added in another chapter. The book was good, yet I felt it could have been even better if the eding had been longer. I still would highly recommed this book for anyone who is looking for a nonfiction action thriller.

Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas is about a couple that tries to skip Christmas one year. The Kranks wanted to since their daughter had enlisted in the Peace Corps, and was not going to be home for Christmas. People ridicule them, and they are worried. At about 5 PM on Christmas Eve, they get a surprise phone call. It’s their daughter, Blair, calling from the Miami airport. She’s with her fiance, and they were going to surprise them for Christmas. The problem is that the Kranks were going on a cruise at noon the next day. They scramble and throw a huge welcome-home party, but not without some excitement. Mr. Krank is trying to put up a lightup snowman on his roof, and falls on the ice. He was hanging by the ankle, and the fire department had to rescue him. It all turns out good in the end, though.

My SSR prompt is critique. I think the story in of itself is very funny, and interesting, but the end is somewhat uneventful, after Luther (Mr. Krank) gets rescued off of the roof. They go and throw a party, but it ended quickly. Once they got Luther off, they had to scramble. The party seemed quick, and John Grisham could have made it longer. The book could have been extended by another chapter, at least. The already good book could have been made much better if the ending was more well thought out. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a comedy.

The Broker

This week I read The Broker by John Grisham. The book is about a powerful lobbyist in Washington, Joel Backman. He, along with three Pakistani students, discovered a secret Chinese satellite system. They wrote a program to use the satellites, and were going to sell it to the highest bidder. They get greedy, the students get killed and Backman is sent to prison for tax fraud. He received a 20 yeare sentence, but only served 6. The outgoing, disgraced President gave him a full pardon, much to the dismay of the CIA. He is almost killed by the Chinese, so he “borrows” a passport, and flies to America. He then gets to see his son and granddaughter for the first time.

I did least favorite part for my SSR prompt. I liked everything but the ending of his book. The book ended very quickly, and John Grisham has a tendency to do that. If he had lengthened the ending out, he could have easily made the book at least one more chapter long, or he could simply write a sequel. Joel Backman decides to go back to Europe at the end to pursue a romatica interest, and the assassins would probably still be there. He could write about that, and it would make the book way moer interesting. Even with my complaints, I would still recommend this book to anyone.

Pelican Brief


I think that Darby, the main character will uncover who killed both of the Justices. The reasons behind my logic is that she had uncovered something that tied both Justices together. I think that will become very key soon in the book. (I am only 190 pages in out of 434) Also, it will be key on how Darby handles the FBI trying to protect her after the attempted car bombing. If she makes the wrong decision, she will be dead. So far, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a legal thriller.

A Captain’s Duty


I’ll put it point blank, the book was great. The author, Richard Phillips, did a great job of describing his ordeal with Somali pirates. The book was very detailed, and very intense. I had heard about his ordeal on the news before, but once I saw the trailers, I wanted to read it. I think that the author could have spent less time describing his younger years, because it took a good part of the book. It really didn’t serve any purpose.

Book Desciption

A Captain’s Duty is about Richard Phillips’ encounter with Somali pirates on a ship that he was the captain on. He managed to hide his whole crew in the bottom of his ship. The book describes how they managed to get him into a lifeboat, and held him for 3 days. The US Navy responds, and they surround the lifeboat. There are 3 pirates guarding him. Navy SEALS come in and killed the 3 pirates, and safely rescued him.


I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is in to intense books.





Point of View

I think that the book is good (355 pages in), but the character detail irks me. Eragon’s cousin, Roran, was heavily emphasized in the book before in the series, and is almost nonexistent in this series. He is an important character, and is important in the book. He is the main leader of the army, and should be portrayed more often. The rest of the book is good, so far, but this is slightly dissapointing.


Inheritance is the last book in the Inheritance series. The book is the culmination of the fight against Galbatorix. There are many logistical challenges with coordinating an army, especially when in a city. This causes them to get confused when they launch their attack on Galbatorix. Eragon, and all of his spellcasters end up fighting Galbatorix at the end, and after much perseverance they win. The land is at peace.


I would highly recommend this book, but only if you have read the other books first.



Brisingr by Christopher Paolini. 1-405


I’m about halfway through Brisingr, and the book reminds me of the Hunger Games series. The main reason for this is most of the book is a life/death situation, or could be at any moment, like in the Hunger Games books. The styles of writing are also the same. Both books are written in third-person, with very descriptive word choices. I especially like these types of books, because they are very intense. I dislike slow-paced books, a lot.

Book Description/rating

I just finished the book, and it was good, for a second read. I had read it in 6th grade, and the book seemed better. I noticed more about it. The book is about Eragon, and his dragon Saphira, in their quest to kill Galbatorix, the evil ruler over most of the land. They don’t get to actually fight him in this book, but they do in the next. This book is a buildup book, where there is action, but not as much as in the next. They do fight against another dragon, Murtagh. Neither of them wins, though.


I would highly recommend this book, but read the first two first. (Eragon, Saphira)

Phantoms in the Snow

Phantoms in the Snow — Kathleen Duble –240 pages

When the book ended, it ended  very abruptly. They march up the mountain, Noah shoots a German who was about to shoot his uncle, and then the book ends. If the book went on for another chapter, they could have brought the Germans back down the mountain, and then describe how a POW camp works. They then could have gone on another mission, and made it more dramatic than the “attack” at the end of the book. The “attack” lasts for about 4 pages, and was mostly Noah and his group climbing the mountain. The book could have been improved greatly if the “battle” at the end was more dramatic, or the book went on for another chapter.


Phantoms in the Snow takes place in the middle of WWII. It is about Noah Garrett, a 15-year old boy from Texas whose parents were killed in a smallpox outbreak. With no family left except for an uncle in a skiing group of the Army. He has to overcome many challenges, such as not knowing how to ski, and being a pacifist. He has to grow mentally very quickly to adjust to the Army lifestyle. Once he gets over those obstacles, he fits in well. He even goes with some people to Leadville, and they participate in a prank. His life greatly changes, and he ends up capturing German troops, and saving his uncle’s life.